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Everything is a File

Everything is a file in Linux! Whether it be Schroedinger’s cat, Gremlins, the Droste effect, bouncy castles, continental philosophy, the Big Bad Wolf, Emacs, pizza wings on a dodo, this video, LCD Soundsystem, linux voice, or Graham Harman.

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This Little Piggy Went to Make Directory

Once upon a time, there were three little files that used the mkdir command to make directories out of straw, sticks, and bricks. They were very happy in their new homes, until one day a big, bad wolf threatened to rmdir their directories. Not by the hair on Aramis’ chinny-chin-chin!

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pwd or Print Working Directory

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound! Superusers Adelie the penguin and Aramis the GNU help a lost file find his way home with the pwd or Print Working Directory command.

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cd or Change Directory

Daft Punk is playing in the Music directory. Aramis the gnu and Adelie the penguin help Leela the file join the party with the change directory command.

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Stop worrying, help is on the way! Super friends Aramis the gnu and Adelie the penguin help a file help himself with the help command.

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Linux File Name Game

Naming files in Linux is fun, because you can use any character that your computer can display! Except the slash, of course. The slash is a special character. It is the line between one directory and the next.

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