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HTML Image Elements Make Your Website Pop

Bring your website to life with images. Learn the HTML img tag to include photos, graphics, and animated gifs on your web page. Sharpen your site by adding titles, alt text, captions, and links to pictures with the figure, figcaption, and anchor tags.

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Top Three Stylish Lists for Your HTML

Discover the secret to writing amazing listicle headlines while learning how to create nested lists in HTML. We’ll make numbered and bulleted lists with the ol and ul tags and learn how to nest lists inside of other list items.

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Attract Hot Robots with Structural HTML Markup

Learn how to use structural HTML markup to create an enticing website. In this episode, Daisy introduces you to the required HTML elements (html, body, and doctype) as well as shows you how to use the h1, h2, p, br, and blockquote tags to format your page.

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Path to Adventure

Join Adelie as she leads Unique ID on a path to adventure in the Linux file system. Their journey begins in the root directory and leads them to a Dragon guarding hidden treasure! Don’t worry, Adelie has some superuser tricks up her sleeves, er, wings.

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What is a Computer?

What is a Computer? A computer is a device that processes data according to a sequence of automatic instructions. A program is a sequence of instructions that perform a task within a computer. Programs must allow for conditions and loops. A condition means the program will do something different depending on if a boolean is true or false. A program must also be able to loop. Of course, it isn’t a computer if you can’t change the program that it runs.

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