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touch, rm, ls, and cp Files in the Linux/Unix Bash Shell Petting Zoo

For this Linux/Unix bash shell tutorial, we have an extra special field trip planned in the “Petting Zoo” directory. Seatbelts everyone! Lets take a look around. Use the “ls” command to list the directory contents. Llamas, turkeys, and bison, oh my! I’d like to know a bit more about these files. The “-l” option shows us the file’s permissions, group …

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Convert Video and Audio for HTML5 with avconv

We talked briefly about the various formats needed to embed video and audio in a web page in the previous tutorial, HTML5 Audio and Video Media Players. To satisfy as many modern browsers as possible, we have to encode our media in multiple formats. There are dozens of codecs and containers for audio and video. Each container can contain many …

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Web Appropriate Image Formats

Your computer monitor is made up of rows of thousands of tiny, differently colored, points called pixels. Pixels are so small that when you look at them from a distance it’s hard to notice the individual points. Get really, really close to your monitor, and you can start to make them out (or go cross-eyed). While a digital screen only …

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Resizing Photos for the Web with GIMP

The internet is not a big truck. It’s not something you can just dump something on. It’s a series of tubes! That infrastructure has a maximum capacity which we are just now fully realizing. Despite this, people expect the websites they visit to be snappy. As you progress down this path of web development, you will begin to seek out …

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List Doughnut Contents with the ls Command

Trouble is afoot in “the_doughnuts” directory. It seems our friend Homer Price has built himself a newfangled, automatic, doughnut-making machine, and he can’t get it to shut off! On top of that, Ada Lovelace lost her diamond bracelet in the batter, and Homer is certain that it’s encased in one of his circular snack cakes. This looks like a job …

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Locate or Find Waldo with the Bash Shell

That wily Mr. Waldo is off on another one of his adventures. This time he’s taken refuge somewhere in the Linux file tree, and it’s up to us to figure out where he went. There are two excellent bash shell commands at our disposal: find and locate. I’d like to get this job done quick, so lets start with the …

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Getting Help with Built-In Bash Shell Commands

Whenever the shell gets me feeling down, I use the ‘help’ command to get my feet back on the ground. The help command provides information on built-in commands. Built-in commands are any programs bundled with your version of the bash shell. For a complete list of the built-in commands available to you, simply enter ‘help’ at the terminal prompt. That’s …

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HTML Head, Title, Meta, Link, and Script Elements

Remember way back when we made our first web page, I mentioned that the body element was where all of our visible elements go. So where do we put the invisible stuff? More importantly, what’s the point of invisible stuff? What does that even mean!? Relax. Take a deep breath. All will be revealed as we learn about the HTML …

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HTML5 Audio and Video Media Players

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what thousands of pictures played back to back at a rate of 24 to 30 images per second would be worth? That’s like a bajillion words, at least. We’d never have to write anything ever again! Lucky for us, the HTML video element does just that. Even better, it’s super easy …

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HTML Form Elements

Regardless of what others will tell you, the internet is for forms. There are forms everywhere! Online shopping, personality quizzes, web mail, and even password login systems are all examples of forms. Forms are an excellent way to make a website more interactive and they allow us to collect information from our visitors. To demonstrate the versatility of the HTML …

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