ls or List Directory Contents

When something evil’s lurking in your directory, who ya gonna call? List directory contents!

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    >> ROOT: Darkness falls across the land. The midnite hour is close at hand…

    >> FILE: Hello? Who’s there?

    >> ROOT: It’s me, the narrator.

    >> FILE: No, not you. There’s something strange in my directory. Will you run ‘ls’ for me?

    >> FILE: What? I’m definitely not alone.

    >> ROOT: Well, who you gonna call?

    >> ADELIE: [Jokingly squawking]

    >> ARAMIS: Oooooohhh, you put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up!

    [Incoming message alert]

    >> ARAMIS: Whoa! We’re in another dimension!

    >> ADELIE: [Squawk]

    >> ARAMIS: Oh, like that’s believable, you can see the seams.

    >> KERNEL: [Angrily squawking]

    >> ARAMIS: Holy GPL! It IS the KERNEL.

    >> KERNEL: [Instructive squawking]

    >> ADELIE: [Affirmative squawking]

    >> ARAMIS: To the Nautilus!

    >> FILE: Hooray! It’s the superusers! I’m saved!

    >> ADELIE: [Interrogatingly squawking]

    >> FILE: My directory is haunted. When I run list directory contents… it only lists us. But listen…

    [digital noise]

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    >> FILE: Wow! Using the ‘-a’ option with ‘ls’ revealed all of the files hiding in my directory. Which is totally embarrassing.

    >> ADELIE: [Squawk]

    >> ARAMIS: Hidden files store your configuration options while keeping your directories neat and tidy.

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    >> FILE: Wow! Using the ‘-l’ option formats the shell output in a long list.

    >> ARAMIS: Holy Mogwais after midnight! Look at the size of that file! It’s a monster!

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    >> FILE: The gremlin is gone! Thank you for exorcising my directory!

    >> ADELIE: Squawk…

    >> ROOT: You never can tell, there just might be a gremlin in your home… directory. Don’t miss our next dramatic episode, This Little Piggy Went To Make Directory.

ls or List Directory Contents was produced by Dototot on . Dototot is a creative media company and think tank specializing in educational material.

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