Make Kittens with the Cat Command

Schrodinger the kitten is missing! The Superusers concatenate a replacement with the cat command. Running head & tail verifies that the new file is in fact the spitting image of Schrodinger.

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    >> ROOT: Lost kitten. Black and ivory, 10 pt. card stock, glossy on one side, matte on the other. Last seen in a sealed box, with a flask of poison and a radioactive source. Responds to Schroedinger. We miss him. Call 435-633-1556

    >> FILE: Kitty? Kitty? Where are you?

    >> ROOT: Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

    [8-bit Korobeiniki music]

    >> KERNEL: [Authoritative squawking]

    >> ADELIE: [Affirmative squawking]

    >> ARAMIS: Holy internet meme! To the Nautilus!

    >> FILE: Help! My kitten is lost in the file tree!

    >> ARAMIS: That’s okay. We can make a new one with the cat command.

    >> FILE: But…

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    >> ARAMIS: Describe your kitten.

    >> FILE: It has two eyes. Two ears. A nose. A mouth full of teeth. Whiskers. A tongue, which it uses for licking. It loves cheeseburgers, rainbows, Poptarts, and endless loops. And cheeseburgers, rainbows…

    >> ADELIE: [Interrupting squawk]

    >> ARAMIS: Now describe your kitten if it was dead.

    >> FILE: Is this a reductio ad absurdum?

    >> ARAMIS: No. It’s a cute little kitten.

    >> FILE: Okay then.

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    >> FILE: It would be motionless, stiff, and lifeless. It would not longer like cheeseburgers, rainbows…

    >> ADELIE: [Interrupting squawk]

    >> ADELIE: [Questioning squawk]

    >> FILE: Schrodinger.

    >> ARAMIS: Oh, that’s a pretty name.

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    >> ARAMIS: Let’s take a look at Schrodinger.

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    >> FILE: That looks just like Schrodinger! Except, I forgot the tail.

    >> ARAMIS: No problem. We can append that.

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    >> FILE: It’s short, curly, and pink.

    >> ARAMIS: Would you like to see the tail?

    >> FILE: Oh yes please.

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    >> FILE: And the head?

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    >> FILE: That’s the spitting image of Schroedinger. Thanks Superusers!

    >> ADELIE: [Questioning squawk]

    >> FILE: No, this file is good enough. Do you want a kitten?

    >> ADELIE: [Excited squawking]

    >> FILE: Keyboard? That’s a pretty name.

    >> ROOT: Can the Superusers house-train their new kitten? Will you, dear viewer, learn anything? Stay tuned and see in the exciting conclusion of: Superusers! The Legendary GNU/Linux Show!

    [Nyan cat music]

Make Kittens with the Cat Command was produced by Dototot on . Dototot is a creative media company and think tank specializing in educational material.

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