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Explore the fastest-growing computer operating system and learn the basic commands you need to take greater control of your computer. Linux is a free, open source operating system that powers smartphones, web servers, supercomputers, and even space stations. In short… Linux is everywhere! Become a superuser today with our free videos and tutorials.

This Little Piggy Went to Make Directory

Once upon a time, there were three little files that used the mkdir command to make directories out of straw, sticks, and bricks. They were very happy in their new homes, until one day a big, bad wolf threatened to rmdir their directories. Not by the hair on Aramis’ chinny-chin-chin!

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pwd or Print Working Directory

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound! Superusers Adelie the penguin and Aramis the GNU help a lost file find his way home with the pwd or Print Working Directory command.

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cd or Change Directory

Daft Punk is playing in the Music directory. Aramis the gnu and Adelie the penguin help Leela the file join the party with the change directory command.

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Stop worrying, help is on the way! Super friends Aramis the gnu and Adelie the penguin help a file help himself with the help command.

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Linux File Name Game

Naming files in Linux is fun, because you can use any character that your computer can display! Except the slash, of course. The slash is a special character. It is the line between one directory and the next.

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Path to Adventure

Join Adelie as she leads Unique ID on a path to adventure in the Linux file system. Their journey begins in the root directory and leads them to a Dragon guarding hidden treasure! Don’t worry, Adelie has some superuser tricks up her sleeves, er, wings.

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What is the Shell?

If you want to access the kernel you need to use a shell. You do so through a terminal window. Think of your computer is a candy-coated piece of milk chocolate. Your kernel is the milk chocolate inside and your shell is the hard candy outside. You can’t communicate directly with the chocolate because it will melt in your hand. So you use the hard candy shell to interface with your kernel.

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Why You Should Install Linux Now

Why should you install Linux? Outlined below are five great reasons to make the switch. Linux is Safe, Secure and Reliable This should be your number one reason to install Linux, though it’s not the most glamorous. As we spend more and more time online, connecting with strangers, visiting questionable web sites, downloading and installing suspicious packages, we open our …

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