touch and rm Oh Such Good Commands

Superusers Adelie the penguin and Aramis the GNU add a touch of class to the party directory.

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    >> ROOT: Alone in the party directory, a file failed to leverage its social media network…

    >> FILE: Sob sob wail wail. Nobody is coming to my party.

    >> ROOT: This looks like a job for… The Superusers!

    >> ADELIE: [Explanatory squawking]

    >> DAISY: Thanks! I’m a senior developer and I never knew about this neat trick!

    >> ADELIE: [Squawk]

    >> DAISY: I have to go, ID is coming over to play all your base. Bye!

    >> ADELIE: [Squawk]

    >> KERNEL: [Authoritative squawking]

    >> ADELIE: [Acknowledging squawk]

    >> ARAMIS: Holy floundering fiesta! To the Nautilus!

    >> FILE: Hooray! The Superusers are here for my party!

    >> ADELIE: [Inquisitive squawking]

    >> ARAMIS: Do you have a bouncy castle?

    >> FILE: No.

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    >> FILE: Bouncy bouncy oh such a good time.

    >> ARAMIS: Right. We need music.

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    [Party music]

    >> ARAMIS: Now let’s make some friends. How many do you want?

    >> FILE: Over 9000.

    >> ADELIE: [Angrily squawking]

    >> FILE: Okay… As many as the puppeteers can handle.

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    >> FILE: Thanks Superusers! This party is a BASH!

    [Party music continues]

    >> KERNEL: [Angrily squawking]

    >> FILE: Sorry, Kernel. I need your help. The Kernel says my bash is too raucous.

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    >> FILE: Did you just delete all of my friends?

    >> ARAMIS: First of all, they weren’t you friends. And second…

    >> KERNEL: [Angrily squawking]

    >> ADELIE: [apologetically squawking] [commanding squawk]

    [Music stops]

    >> KERNEL: [Approving squawk]

    >> FRIEND: What’s going on out there? I’m still in here.

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    >> FILE: Thanks Superusers, that was a lot of fun.

    >> ARAMIS: All in a days work.

    >> ADELIE: [Squawk]

    >> ARAMIS: And play.

    >> FILE: Wanna jump in the bouncycastle directory with me?

    >> ARAMIS: Yeah!

    >> ADLIE: [Squawk!]

    >> ROOT: The festivities may be over, but your friends are highly animated. Join us for the after-party in our next episode, Copy & Move. Be there or be a regular quadrilateral.

touch and rm Oh Such Good Commands was produced by Dototot on . Dototot is a creative media company and think tank specializing in educational material.

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