whatis man?

Aramis & Adelie read the Superusers comic book and a file reads the fantastic manual using the man command. Adelie elaborates on the gender disparity in technology, Aramis translates, and we say goodbye to our heroes in the exciting conclusion of Superusers: The Legendary GNU/Linux Show!

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    >> ROOT: Our story begins with a file…

    >> FILE: Hello?

    >> ECHO: Hello?

    >> FILE: Is there anybody out there?

    >> ECHO: Is there anybody out there?

    >> FILE: Just nod if you can hear me.

    >> ECHO: Just nod if you can hear me.

    >> FILE: Is there anyone home?

    >> ECHO: Is there anyone home?

    >> ADELIE: [Squawking reminiscently]

    >> ARAMIS: Yeah, that was funny. And here’s the time we saved a file from its bad Beatles puns.

    >> ADELIE: [Squawking jokingly]

    >> ARAMIS: Don’t you start.

    >> ADELIE: [Squawking defensively]

    >> FILE: Hey Superusers! I need help again.

    >> ARAMIS: Hey, it’s that file! What are you doing? We taught you the help command!

    >> FILE: You’re lips move, but I can’t hear what you’re saying.

    >> ARAMIS & ADELIE: All for one and one for all.

    >> FILE: Superusers!

    >> ECHO: Superusers!

    >> ADELIE: [Squawking]

    [Squawking echos]

    >> FILE: Well… I learned the ‘echo’ command.

    >> ECHO: Well… I learned the ‘echo’ command.

    >> ARAMIS: Ah! Can you stop using it?

    >> ECHO: Ah! Can you stop using it?

    >> ARAMIS: Immediately!

    >> ECHO: Immediately!

    >> FILE: OK. Relax.

    >> ADELIE: [Squawking questioningly]

    >> FILE: To be honest, I wanted more attention.

    >> ADELIE: [Squawking angrily]

    >> FILE: Sorry. So… how did you get here so fast, anyway?

    >> ADELIE: [Explanatory squawking]

    >> FILE: I tried that, but it didn’t work.

    >> ARAMIS: That’s because you’re a file, not a superuser. You have to move from one directory to another.

    >> FILE: I couldn’t find any info on the move command with ‘help’.

    >> ARAMIS: You need to use the ‘man’ command.

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    >> FILE: Dude, that’s awesome.

    >> ARAMIS: No, ‘man’ that’s awesome.

    >> FILE: What is ‘man’?

    >> ARAMIS: Funny you should ask. ‘Man’ is an interface to the on-line reference manuals. You can use the ‘whatis’ command to display short descriptions of any man page.

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    >> FILE: Awesome! Whatis the sound of one hand clapping?

    >> ADELIE: [Reprimanding squawking]

    >> ARAMIS: If you want to know more about man, you can read the fantastic manual!

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

    >> FILE: That’s amazing! Is there a man woman command?

    >> ARAMIS: No, there’s still a major gender gap in the fields of science and technology. Besides that’s a really bad joke.

    >> ADELIE: [Inspirational squawking]

    >> ARAMIS: That was beautiful. Computer science is for everyone.

    [Free software song]

    >> ROOT: And so we come to the point in our story where Aramis & Adelie are reading themselves reading the comic book, and we say goodbye.

    >> ARAMIS: Goodbye? Can’t we just go back to episode one and start all over again?

    >> ADELIE: [Commanding squawk]

whatis man? was produced by Dototot on . Dototot is a creative media company and think tank specializing in educational material.

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