How Websites Are Made

Learn about the different technologies involved in making a website, and even build your first web page!

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    >>DAISY: Hi foxy friends, my name is Daisy. Welcome to my web dev diary! This is my first video blog, so I’m really nervous!


    Aw trash! That wasn’t supposed to go off until the end. So today I want to talk about how web pages work, and hopefully get you started coding your own websites! There are two essential languages you will need to learn. HTML! Hypertext Markup Language. CSS! Cascading Style Sheets. Say that five times fast. Cascading style sheets! Cascading style sheets! Cascading silo stee… Cascading stye.. Cascading. style. sheets! HTML is the foundation of all web pages. It is used to describe the structure of your page with html elements. Elements are usually made up of an opening tag some content and a closing tag. Elements are like little containers that describe the content inside of them. I’ll show you an example. There are all kinds of elements in this article, like a heading, a paragraph, and an image. There are HTML tags for each one of these elements. Pretty simple, right? Nope! Because guess what not all HTML elements have a closing tag. These are called “empty tags”.

    So how do I make a web site? You’re probably asking. At least… I hope you are asking that. It’s easy! All you need is a text editor. There are so many free ones! Geany! Gedit! Notepad? Notepad plus plus! Bluefish! Smultron! vim! …others! I’m sure I missed some, so be sure to share your favorite text editor in the comments! To start building a web site make a new document called index.html and open it with your text editor. Now copy this code! Quick! hurry… it’s really heavy. Got it?


    Open index.html in your web browser. Great work! You’re on your way to becoming an html master! Thanks for watching my video and don’t forget to subscribe! See you next time!

    [unintelligible background audio]

    Oh! It’s still recording!

    Today we learned about the different technologies involved in making a website, and we even built our first web page! Next up, we’ll learn how to make a website more interesting with structural HTML markup. Stay tuned!

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