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Behind every great website, and many phone applications and games, is HTML. HTML is the essential building block of the web, and is a great first language to learn when starting in web development. It is not so much a programming language as it is a means of tagging and organizing content within a page. To make a website truly come to life, you will eventually need to combine HTML with CSS and JavaScript. While it may look complicated, HTML is not a difficult language. You can learn the basics in less than a day, but it can be a real chore to master everything. Our free videos and tutorials make learning HTML easy and fun.

HTML Form Elements

Regardless of what others will tell you, the internet is for forms. There are forms everywhere! Online shopping, personality quizzes, web mail, and even password login systems are all examples of forms. Forms are an excellent way to make a website more interactive and they allow us to collect information from our visitors. To demonstrate the versatility of the HTML …

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Build a Game Board with the HTML Table Element

HTML tables have gained some (deservedly) negative notoriety over the years for being used to build web page layouts. Should you ever come across a website built with tables, scream and run around in circles until it crawls back into the hole from whence it came. The truth is, tables have limited application. They are meant for creating boring old …

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Connect HTML Pages with the Anchor Element

Now that you are familiar with structural and semantic HTML, you know enough to start fleshing out a website following the guidelines we outlined for organizing files and folder structure. As you add more pages to your website, I bet you are wondering how to connect everything. We can’t very well ask our users to type in a new web …

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Top Three Stylish Lists for Your HTML

Discover the secret to writing amazing listicle headlines while learning how to create nested lists in HTML. We’ll make numbered and bulleted lists with the ol and ul tags and learn how to nest lists inside of other list items.

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Organizing Files and Folder Structure for Web Pages

Before we begin building a website, we should give some thought to the organization of the files and folders of our web page. We could dump everything in one folder and our HTML code wouldn’t mind, so long as our file paths were set up correctly, but this will get very confusing for us rather quickly. We can easily create …

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Choosing a Text Editor for Web Development

One of my favorite things about web development is the extremely low barrier to entry. The only tool you need to build a web page is a text editor. And your brain. The only tools you need to start building a web page are a text editor and your brain. And a web browser. The three tools you need to …

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HTML Document Flow and Element Display Methods

As you familiarize yourself with the many HTML elements, you will surely notice the various ways in which your browser displays them. Sometimes an element takes up a whole line of your document and sometimes it gets squished together with whatever other content surrounds it. While there are quite a few methods for displaying HTML elements, the ones you will …

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