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Behind every great website, and many phone applications and games, is HTML. HTML is the essential building block of the web, and is a great first language to learn when starting in web development. It is not so much a programming language as it is a means of tagging and organizing content within a page. To make a website truly come to life, you will eventually need to combine HTML with CSS and JavaScript. While it may look complicated, HTML is not a difficult language. You can learn the basics in less than a day, but it can be a real chore to master everything. Our free videos and tutorials make learning HTML easy and fun.

How to Create Ordered, Unordered, and Description Lists in HTML

With the increasing popularity of short-form journalism, how can we talk about lists without mentioning listicles? While I enjoy a good top ten list as much as the next person, what I really find amazing are those catchy headlines. Do you want to know the secret to writing amazing listicle headlines? Phrasal template word games! Case in point: Top Ten …

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Attract Hot Robots with Structural HTML Markup

Learn how to use structural HTML markup to create an enticing website. In this episode, Daisy introduces you to the required HTML elements (html, body, and doctype) as well as shows you how to use the h1, h2, p, br, and blockquote tags to format your page.

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Adding Extra Information to a Web Page with Semantic HTML Markup

The HTML elements we used to create the structure of our first web page not only gave shape to our page, but also told us a lot about the type of content they contained. Heading elements helped us organize sections of our page, and the blockquote element indicated a quotation from an external source. Using the proper HTML elements to …

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Building a Web Page With Structural HTML Markup

Now that you have a general understanding of the technology behind web applications, lets take a closer look at Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). HTML is used to mark up the content of a web page with elements. Elements are generally made up of an opening tag, some content, and a closing tag. Think of tags as containers that describe the …

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An Introduction to the Technology Behind Web Applications

When first delving into web development, the number of programming languages can be overwhelming. It’s true that you will need to learn multiple languages to be able to build dynamic websites, apps, and games, but you don’t need to learn everything all at once. The two essential web languages you will need to learn are HTML and CSS. Nearly every …

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