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We use computers daily to simplify intricate tasks, facilitate cross-cultural communication, and entertain ourselves. From the early mechanical work of Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace, the field of computer science has expanded to include a diversity of subjects from hardware, software, robots, artificial intelligence, graphics, networks, and more. With our videos and tutorials, you will learn to think like a computer and approach complex problems with a new perspective. Master the tools and technology that are shaping the future.

What is Free and Open Source Software?

Aramis is becoming hypercritical! Unique ID and Adelie to the rescue! The highly intelligent host of the Hello World Program wins the heart of the stubborn gnu by singing the Free Software Song. Join us now and share the software, you’ll be free hackers, you’ll be free!

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What is Programming?

ID expresses his concerns regarding the Learn To Code movement. Guido offers reassurance through song. Inspired by the performance, ID proposes debugging the human algorithm. Their hackathon is cut short by the amazing Grace Hopper, who schools them on the meaning of life.

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How Does a Computer Work?

Adelie takes Unique ID on a fantastic voyage through the inner workings of her supercomputer, Deep Deux Deux. On their adventure in Wonderland, they encounter the White Rabbit, Random Access Memory (RAM), who leads them to a tea party, where they meet the March Hare, Graphic Processing Unit (GPU), the Mad Hatter, Digital Audio Converter (DAC), and the Dormouse, Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Tiring of the nonsense, the Cheshire Cat BIOS suggests our heroes ride a bus to the Central Processing Unit (CPU) where they escape a learning opportunity by bootstrapping out of the system.

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Powers of Two

Unimpressed by Guido’s Count von Count caricature, Unique ID cites his prior efforts in hip-hop as the superior alternative. While settling their differences over an episode of Daisy’s Binary Workout, ID and Guido are visited by the extraterrestrial robot duo, Craft Punk. ID exponentially increases the funk using powers of two.

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What is Binary?

Unique ID and Adelie compose computer music by flipping coins and rapping in binary. While demonstrating how to count bits with novelty lamps, ID is visited by a friendly 8-bit spectre known as The Mighty Byte.

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What is Computer Science?

Unique ID tells Adelie the story of Computer Science, from Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace to ENIAC and the GUI, using his CompSci calendar, 6000 penguins and Conway’s Game of Life to illustrate.

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What is a Computer?

What is a Computer? A computer is a device that processes data according to a sequence of automatic instructions. A program is a sequence of instructions that perform a task within a computer. Programs must allow for conditions and loops. A condition means the program will do something different depending on if a boolean is true or false. A program must also be able to loop. Of course, it isn’t a computer if you can’t change the program that it runs.

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Three Undeniable Reasons to Use Free, Open Source Software

Free, open source software(or FOSS) is software that respects your freedoms and makes its source code available. Chances are you’re already using free, open-source software without even knowing it. In case you need more convincing, here are three undeniable reasons why you should start using FOSS now. It’s Free This one’s a no-brainer. Save your hard-earned Washington’s for the really …

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What is a Vector Graphic?

Did you know that the pictures you see on your computer are made up of very small colored dots called pixels? It’s true! Get really, really close to your computer screen and you’ll see what I mean. That’s too close, back up! Did you see them? Pixels are so small that when you look at them from a distance you …

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